Thursday, August 04, 2011


     Last week, my cousin from Lower Michigan, came by to pick me up for an overniter to Green Bay. She was up in the Marquette area, invited to a class reunion by her late husband's class. The object of going to Green Bay was to visit a shrine east of town.
    First, we stopped in to see my son, Alan at his new location. To my surprise, it was his birthday ... I was determined not to forget it, which I had. He was leaving for out-of-town for 3 days after work ... this was God's way to have me tell him "Happy Birthday" on time! 
     I should have taken pictures of the wonderful "Chinese buffet" ... the "Panda" ... where we ate. Great food for a low price!

   Then, on to find the shrine ... Easy to find ... after Champion on County K east. It is at the site, in 1859 where the young girl began seeing the vision.  At that point in time, many farmers were settling the wilderness ... churches were few & far between. She determined that she was being told to provide education for the area.

The Crypt ... under the Church ... at the location of the 2 trees where the first sighting occured.


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madcobug said...

Glad that you got to tell your son Happy Birthday on the right day. Glad that you got to get out a do an over nighter. Helen