Thursday, December 29, 2011

Somewhat overdue ... here's how things are going.

My birthday card from my daughter.

Need snow plowing?

my monitor wallpaper, larger attatched


stamped with linoleum block on blue paper

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Thursday, November 17, 2011


9:19 PM 8/4/2011

Three pain pills today ... finally my back feels better. I finished mowing the lawn, got some stuff ready for taking the craft items to the horseshow. I'm still thinking of how to assemble the peg-board. How am I to get this stuff into the car???

I didn't get even a good start on getting things ready.

7:24 AM 9/16/2011

This is just great ... I had to beg the doctor at the pain clinic for another epidural for my back. They are trying to economize at the clinic. When he asked if the pain were "tolerable" with taking the pain pills ... (at least 3 per day) ... I said yes ... but, that was only because I would then go sit in my lounge chair, & watch T.V. I cannot get anything done that way!

7:16 AM 9/24/2011

This is just great ... I had begged the doctor at the pain clinic for another epidural for my back. THIS FEELS JUST GREAT; I DID GET ANOTHER EPIDURAL; I'VE ONLY HAD ONE OR TWO PAIN PILLS THIS PAST TWO WEEKS!

There is so much to get done "before winter". There is so much junk to get rid of ... free on Telephone Time or whatever.

7:40 AM 9/27/2011

My last epidural is still working. If I'm extra busy during the day, I will feel like taking a break ... BUT, NO PAIN!

10:41 PM 10/7/2011

Ah ... PAIN! I've been back to painting the house ... we are having a TRUE "Indian Summer", no rain & the weather is unbelieveably warm. My back still has no pain, but gets very uncomfortable ... so I've taken a few pain pills. BUT, I'M GETTING THE HOUSE PAINTED. I did get nephew, Craig, to help ... but, I shouldn't have given him the down payment on his help ... he's been invisible for the past few days.

9:27 PM 10/11/2011

HOUSE PAINTING ... if I needed anything less ... that would be painting the outside of my two story house! With, and without, Craig's help, the house is painted on three sides, leaving half of the north side ... the east side, only above the "sun porch" is left for 2012.. Most of that I did ... scrap, prime, and finish coat.

10:48 AM 11/17/2011

The house painting has been continued until next year ... for sure. We did have a great snowstorm last week ... but it has mostly melted away. It will be interesting to see who's prayers are more effective ... those like me, who keep saying, "I'm not ready for winter yet!" ... and ... those praying for "tracking snow".

But, my back ... for the past week, I "ache in every joint". From the pain clinic ... I did have a twice per week "Physical Therapy" session. Independent of that ... for this past week is this "ache in every joint" problem. I'm hoping that it is just because I ran out of my MSM (joint medication).

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


   Our Indian Summer was beautiful beyond belief ...
but ... some gusty winds denuded the beautiful leaves. 
 Here's how it looked for a while.

Here's my house, with the beautiful maple tree.

  I sent this photo to a local realtor ... the owner said he might have to tear this log home down ... to save tax money of "buildings" on the property.  His realtor hadn't been able to sell it.

How do you like this HALLOWEEN display in Crystal Falls.

Another photo from my ARCHIVES ... this is one of my favorite trucking roads ... Highway 17 ... running along the southwestern New York state ... it's since been turned into an Interstate 88, I think.


Snow...possibly mixed with rain in the morning...then snow in the afternoon. Snow may be heavy at times in the afternoon. Snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches. Highs around 35. North winds 5 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 100 percent.


Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow. Lows around 30. Northwest winds 10 to 15

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  How would you like to see this one?  It's a view from my patio door!

Hey, youse guys ... you don't need any corn yet! This is my lame deer ... she's been around many years now.


Monday, October 17, 2011

      It sure got chilly ...  I guess our "Indian Summer" is over ... we certainly cannot complain about it!  I'm pretty sure that I won't get back to my house painting this year! I did most of 3 sides of the house ...scrape, prime, paint.  I did have some help to get the North side done ..., but, he had other stuff to do, too.  NEXT YEAR!




quilters ... each room at the Pain Clinic has a different quilt in it!

 My chubby little friends ... little chipmonks  ... stuffing his little cheeks full ...

Now, what should I do ... put all the paint stuff away ... bring all plants in for the winter ... gather water hoses & electric cords ... put things away that will get covered up by snow .... etc., etc

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remembering Hilma Millimaki




     Hillma Millimaki ... the eldest of four Haglund children in Republic, Michigan. Johan August Haglund, of Stockholm, Sweden, married a girl from Vaasa, Finland (his second wife;the first died). The Haglunds came to America, landing in Eagle River, Michigan.

     Hilma Willhemina Haglund was born in Eagle River, Michigan on November 10, 1892. She died at home in Republic on August 26, 1970.

     Hilma was pretty ... attracted a wonderful man... Matt Millimaki. When wrestling was a popular sport in the U.P., Matt was a very successful wrestler. He became a prominent businessman ... owning a grocery store/gas station in Clarksburg, Michigan ... west of Marquette. Later, Matt had a saloon in downtown Ishpeming, Michigan. But, Matt had a poor heart ... and died relatively young.

Grocery store & gas station, see the people...

      Hilma returned to Republic & bought a nice house, a block off main street. Just guessing, Hilma had some mining stock, which declined in value when mining slowed.

When, Margarite's pre-school daughter, Lois, came to live with her ... Hilma lived in that home, but then moved to the Haglund homestead on Michigamme "Lake" (really a reservoir), where her brother, Bill Haglund was living, alone. His wife, Aili, had been sent to a sanitorium in Lower Michigan.

Hilma, after Margarite's divorce, moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois briefly so that Margarite could work. Then, Hilma moved back to Republic with Lois ... first to the house at downtown downtown Republic ... then to the Haglund homestead by Bill.

When Hilma didn't have Lois there, she supported herself as a cook, working at various restaurants, even a time at a Montana lumber camp. She also took in sewing.

    Hilma loved to play Bingo ... was known as being lucky ... had many pretty dishes, etc. given as prizes. Some of these are now in her desk, which Lois now has. Hilma, maybe needing money?, sold off some things like the desk ... which Margarite bought and gave to Lois.

People used to bronze baby shoes. Hilma had one of the shoes in that desk ... E. H. Pratt had the other. When he died, his wife sent the other shoe to Lois. By that time, Lois had the desk, and the shoe. In the shoe that Hilma had, was a cut out photo, maybe destined to be inside a locket ... of Matt!

Matt and Hilma had no children ... but, was blessed with Margarite and Evelyn when Aili, Bill's wife had to go back to the sanatorium in Lower Michigan. Margarite was about 10?, Evelyn, 3?. There are photos of the girls, Margarite and Evelyn, at the grocery store/gas station and the Ishpeming saloon. Margarite identified the High School at Michigamme as where she graduated. She pointed to a home in Michigamme as where her girlfriend lived.

Hilma was a steady church goer and had many friends, including Lil Peterson, the Matriarch of Republic. Lil and Bob Peterson lived on a house in Republic overlooking the School Lake, the school, and the giant "bluff" ... which was later removed when the mine reopened.

     Lil and Bob's eldest son, Bob and Marci stood up for Margarite and David Mocine when Margarite remarried David Mocine, at the Finnish Lutheran Church (which later burned down). Gene Peterson later married Evelyn.

When Evelyn & Gene lived in Marquette (he had the music stores there), Hilma got to enjoy her granddaughter, Kristine, and Kristine and Ken's children. Later, Kris and Ken moved to Lower Michigan.

Dave Mocine, Margarite Mocine, Hilma Millimaki, with Lois Mocine in front
     Margarite and David resided for a time in Chicago, Arlington Heights, Illinois and for a time near Escanaba, Michigan ... thence to Wisconsin. Hilma had sometimes visits from Margarite's children, especially while the family lived by Escanaba. Later, as Margarite's children grew older and had their own children, sometimes they would come up from Wisconsin to visit.

"Grama Millimaki" with Jean Mocine, Cheryl Peterson, Sue Mocine, & Nancy Peterson

Hilma & Bill, before the house was moved to the "New Location"

     When Hilma died, it was at home with Bill at the Haglund home. Bill said that Hilma got up early to let her cat, Mitzi, out. Hilma called out to Bill, who slept upstairs, for help, but, it was too late. She died in the bedroom.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's getting COLD!

In cleaning off my computor ... here's an e-mail that I sent out:

This has been a series of calamities for the past 4-5 months ... three deaths in the family, a trip to Texas to sort my Mom's stuff ... then, my septic tank quit ... it had never given me trouble before. That was during the two-week deer season here .... no septic company answered my phone calls. I've been battling with my old printer, & now the new one. That is hampering my genealogy project! Just when I thought things were looking up ... last week, on the coldest night of the winter ... like 25 below zero ... my furnace quit! When I woke up at 5 am ... it was in the nick of time ... some of the water pipes were ALMOST frozen, but finally started. I got some heaters going & started the clothes dryer so that the warm air would help protect the wash machine & water pipes there. That meant making some wet clothes to put into the dryer. The washer ALMOST didn't start!




I should have had this bright idea earlier this summer ... I've been painting the house ...

not going to go way up ... THIS IS A TWO-STORY HOUSE.

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