Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazy Spring


February was the dryest/warmest February in decades .... almost NO SNOW. Then, another day, we awoke to a blustery day with anywhere from an inch to 7 inches. March also set records as to being so warm & lack of snow.

We've had such early spring-like weather that most places are getting sold out of TOMATO seeds. I wasn't able to get the yellow tomato seeds, but, did get some ROMA's & some yellow pear tomatoes. Now, I have planted the seeds in little styrofoam cups.

This is the first winter that, in addition to my little deer herd, I acquired a large flock of wild turkeys. The wildlife group gave me some bags of corn. Crystal Falls has a "new" feed store to make it easier (& cheaper) to get corn. I hope to be tapering off ... I don't put corn out after the new grass is available ... don't want to attract the BEAR!

I did can up nearly 50 pints of MAPLE SYRUP. It wasn't a really ideal season this year because of the weather .... & I only tapped some of the trees .... because I didn't know how my body would take the job. I had just finished six weeks of therapy on my knee .... & my back has been really bad for several months.

These trees are on a steep hillside, with huge piles of ROCKS to climb over.

I pulled some of the taps .... then decided not to pull the rest when the snow/wind came. It did warm up, tho so I could pull all the taps.

    Now, I have all these jugs to rinse, dry, & cap for next year.

     I have been putting that off ... maybe I can wash these outside if I wait for another nice warm day ????

 Mimi is my helper....

Here's a picture of Mimi with my Mom, when we visited her in Texas last summer.

My Mom, back in Texas, gave us a scare. Her doctor sent her to the hospital there to monitor her dosage of meds ... then, would only release her to a nursing home. She's in her 90's. It is hard getting used to not being able to talk on the phone with her. I hate to rack up time on my sister's cell phone .... when she's visiting. For the past 10/15 years I had called her daily... then for many years before that, called her several times a week. I really miss that. I know that she's losing her memory; without the daily calls ... she's going to forget who I am. Her eyes have gone so bad that letters probably won't do any good , either.