Thursday, November 17, 2011


9:19 PM 8/4/2011

Three pain pills today ... finally my back feels better. I finished mowing the lawn, got some stuff ready for taking the craft items to the horseshow. I'm still thinking of how to assemble the peg-board. How am I to get this stuff into the car???

I didn't get even a good start on getting things ready.

7:24 AM 9/16/2011

This is just great ... I had to beg the doctor at the pain clinic for another epidural for my back. They are trying to economize at the clinic. When he asked if the pain were "tolerable" with taking the pain pills ... (at least 3 per day) ... I said yes ... but, that was only because I would then go sit in my lounge chair, & watch T.V. I cannot get anything done that way!

7:16 AM 9/24/2011

This is just great ... I had begged the doctor at the pain clinic for another epidural for my back. THIS FEELS JUST GREAT; I DID GET ANOTHER EPIDURAL; I'VE ONLY HAD ONE OR TWO PAIN PILLS THIS PAST TWO WEEKS!

There is so much to get done "before winter". There is so much junk to get rid of ... free on Telephone Time or whatever.

7:40 AM 9/27/2011

My last epidural is still working. If I'm extra busy during the day, I will feel like taking a break ... BUT, NO PAIN!

10:41 PM 10/7/2011

Ah ... PAIN! I've been back to painting the house ... we are having a TRUE "Indian Summer", no rain & the weather is unbelieveably warm. My back still has no pain, but gets very uncomfortable ... so I've taken a few pain pills. BUT, I'M GETTING THE HOUSE PAINTED. I did get nephew, Craig, to help ... but, I shouldn't have given him the down payment on his help ... he's been invisible for the past few days.

9:27 PM 10/11/2011

HOUSE PAINTING ... if I needed anything less ... that would be painting the outside of my two story house! With, and without, Craig's help, the house is painted on three sides, leaving half of the north side ... the east side, only above the "sun porch" is left for 2012.. Most of that I did ... scrap, prime, and finish coat.

10:48 AM 11/17/2011

The house painting has been continued until next year ... for sure. We did have a great snowstorm last week ... but it has mostly melted away. It will be interesting to see who's prayers are more effective ... those like me, who keep saying, "I'm not ready for winter yet!" ... and ... those praying for "tracking snow".

But, my back ... for the past week, I "ache in every joint". From the pain clinic ... I did have a twice per week "Physical Therapy" session. Independent of that ... for this past week is this "ache in every joint" problem. I'm hoping that it is just because I ran out of my MSM (joint medication).

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madcobug said...

Wish I could take pain pills but they Make me so sick at my tummy even with taking phenigan with them. I have been using the walker for about 3 months now. Headed to my reg doc tomorrow. Maybe another torodol shot will help. Hope yous gets better for this winter. Helen