Saturday, December 12, 2009


     Ya ... it's really cold up here!
   Thankfully, we didn't get as much snow as predicted, but the temps have been going way down ... way below zero at night.
    So ... wouldn't you know ... my furnace quit!  The first guy that came out couldn't find the problem ... he & another guy came out in the afternoon.  They said it probably needed a part ... that might have to be ordered!
    OH WELL.  I could keep the upstairs liveable ... but didn't know if I could keep the basement water pipes from freezing.  I've developed good cold-weather coping skills ... but this would be a real challenge!
    By some miracle ... they did come back much later with the part!  And, much to the surprise of all ... the furnace did start ... and is still running.


madcobug said...

Glad that they got that furnace fixed for you. That would be a mess with all those frozen pipes. Helen

bettygram said...

Like the look of your blog.
I had a plumber, and furnace man who one time came out at 1:00 AM. glad they found a part that worked.

Sue said...

Merry Christmas!