Wednesday, December 09, 2009


     I guess instinct (God's guidance) prompted me to call my garage last week & make arrangements to get my snow tires put on yesterday morning. I made a quick trip to the IGA while I wax in town.

     The snow, as predicted, started  later on Tuesday .... then predicted more snow on Wednesday ... then, Thursday will be really bad.  Today, Wednesday, all the U.P. schools around here are closed.  I hope I can get out to keep my weekly appointment at the Chiropractor.

     Yesterday, I did fulfill my ambitious plans to take my saw in the car, so that on my return from Crystal Falls, I put it in 4-wheel drive & ran up the hill to cut my Christmas tree. I had chosen & marked one some time ago.

     I have everything pretty much so put away or covered up .... tho I should burn trash while I can still get to the burn barrel (I even put a cover on that). I filled a feeder with dry cat food for up in the Gunta shed. I had my snow blower tuned up last spring ... I should give it a test start. & make sure I have enough gas for it. I put shovels, brooms, & ice choppers by each door. I bought a bag of ice melt.

     As usual for up here ... we have to plan for all emergencies ... even like getting stuck in the snow.  I put a snow shovel, ice-melt, & a blanket into the car.  It's a good idea to have snacks & a flashlite, too.

     This past week, they got socked with snow "Up North" on the Keweenau & all along Lake Superior ... They had to figure out where to put the two feet of snow, then the crews were out full force today, all day with all the equipment they have ... with an eye on the storm warnings coming up the next few days. No wonder the "Snow Birds" retreat every winter!

HERE'S PIX FROM PAST YEARS' SNOWS... I'll take more pix of the new snow ... later.

L o i S


madcobug said...

Sounds like you have been a very busy lady. Good time to get your tree. Looking forward to seeing the new snow. Helen

Sydney's World said...

Hey Lois! I love your blog. I haven't figured out how to put pics in yet but I'm gettin it.