Friday, February 20, 2009

My Mom's going to visit!

BIG PROJECT: EMPTY ALL BUT THE UPPER THREE BOOKSHELVES. Most of the books need to be put into boxes ... I'm trying to sort them so that one can find any certain one later. The remaining books are mostly going to be referrence/how-to ... special collections ... &
lots of picture books covering travel, history, etc ... coffee-table" type books that we can look thru.

This sorting project is something that,
really, only I can do. Then, I have to figure out where to store
my stuff; this is a small house ... no attic.

My Mom is coming up here next summer; half of my frontroom will be her
"room". Here's Mom on a previous visit, several years ago.

Until we can decide what to to about a ramp, or whatever ... I can
drive up to the deck ... then, there's only a few steps.


madcobug said...

Good luck on sorting those books. In that comment you made on my entry about wind and semi's. One year it came a tornado along the interstate close to where I live and it blew a semi off the interstate. They were ok though because there was no death in that tornado. Hope your Mom makes it up ok. Helen

Dr.John said...

I don't envy you. You might think of letting go of some of those books. In truth you won't look for many of them again. I know that is hard but if space is limited.
A ramp is a wonderful thing. If a person has trouble walking even a few stairs are a real pain.

Anonymous said...

There are certain projects that "only you can do" for everyone, or else you wind up not having most of it done to properly, or done in the manner in which you want. I've been offered help with certain things, and though I greatly appreciate it, best I do it myself. ~Mary

Wil said...

Lois, give the local Senior Citizens advocacy agency a call - they might be able to put you onto folks who enjoy doing ramps for folks needing them (sort of like Habitat For Humanity on a local scale).