Sunday, February 08, 2009

FEBRUARY ... still winter

MEET "Aino Chukinen"

... our local YOOPER Groundhog ... they interviewed him again (from west of Iron River, Kimpinnen's Rock-pile) on Telephone Time, Ground-Hogs Day.

Upper Peninsula has lots of snow ... especially on the Keweenaw Peninsula (lake-effect snow).

Click here: The Keweenaw Snow Thermometer

Are you aware that Jeff Foxworthy is now picking on Michigan? Read his view of Michiganders:

Click here: Outside My Window: Michigan My Michigan


Michigan has an e-Library;
Click here: MeL: The Michigan eLibrary
History Resources at the site:

Click here: Michigan County Histories and Atlases
It looks as tho one might be able to look up old plat maps, too.

My winter project is to read all the books in the Crystal Falls Library on history of the Upper Peninsula.

I am almost done with the two huge volumes of history : "Superior Heartland, a Backwoods History" . It is Library of Congress number 89-90710, in case you want to obtain a copy thru your local library. The two volumes total 1559 pages!

There are many illustrations, including maps & old photos. Since he is from the Marquette area .... many of the items are from the "Heartland" area of Lake Superior shoreline .... lots from Marquette local.

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Dr.John said...

This blog is shaping up nicely. You always have so many different things that it is a joy to visit.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Foxworthy is an idiot.