Sunday, March 01, 2009


My grandson, Bill, just had a birthday ... here he is with my daughter, Maggie.

Her dress is an heirloom christening dress. His suit is a
corduroy suit that I had made for my older son when he was little.

up18feb05a.jpgAs you can see from this ... we have to stay alert when driving ... especially on my road .... STOP FOR THE TURKEY CROSSING!

up18feb03a.jpgThey were just going to visit these neighbors.


These neighbors have their own visitors.

L o i S


madcobug said...

Great pictures Lois. We did get a little snow today. An odd happening here in AL. Helen

Dr.John said...

Good pictures. Stupid turkeys stop for nothing.
Loved the old picture.

bettygram said...

Before we moved those turkeys were in my yard, so were the deer. That is a beautiful dress.