Monday, January 12, 2009

My THIRD Christmas



I finished up the last package of Christmas Lutefisk (see previous entry on Lutefisk). It was just soooo good! I
made it in a cream sauce with chicken broth, with tarragon, etc. This
made it necessary for me to eat this up for several meals/days in a row
.... but, it was just delicious!

With my not feeling well for several
weeks before Christmas ... I didn't gett all my usual
lights/decorations up ... mostly Christmas Eve.

We have maybe a foot & a half
of snow on the ground ... had lost some during a mild week-end (not
really a thaw as the got further south of us). Thankfully ... we
haven't had any real snowstorms, just FREQUENT (sometimes daily) little
snowfalls of a dusting to several inches at a time ... just enough to
make a mess .... not enough to keep us trapped.

I HAD MY THIRD CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION; Maggie (my youngest daughter) came up from Milwaukee to stay several days.

CLICK HERE FOR LARGER VIEW It was too cold for us to do anything much outside
but we did some visiting, some shopping, & went to see a movie (my
first in untold years) in Iron River. We are glad we went;
"MARLEE" is a great movie! That's the movie that was made from a
book about a real family with a real dog ... from puppy to old age.

Years ago, I had bought her some items for a
Christmas Village .... beginning with a "FISH HOUSE" ... commemorating
the memory of her Dad, who was a commercial fisherman. I add some
items each year; we keep the village up here & set it up
here. She was patient enough with me to go thru the "tradition"
of setting up that village.

When we went over to Iron River ... I got a picture of this snow sculpture
along U. S. 2 Highway east of Iron River ... actually in the Bates
area, I believe. It is Frosty-the-Snowman.



(keep using real wood/paper products)



My winter reading project:

I have to renew my library books today. I selected two huge volumes
of history : "Superior Heartland, a Backwoods History" .
It is Library of Congress number 89-90710, in case you
want to obtain a copy thru your local library. The two volumes
total 1559 pages!

There are many illustrations, including
maps & old photos. Since he is from the Marquette area
.... many of the items are from the "Heartland" area of Lake
Superior shoreline .... lots from Marquette local.

He tells of people, places, events .... fairly easy reading, even
tho some might contain lots of facts & figures.
He outlines the birth & development of this book from a
history project for a college assignment in 1942, 1950. He tried
gathering his reports into books in the 1950's & in the
1960's & in the 1970's. But, the task, even with the
help of many people, kept getting larger & more
unwieldy as time went on. Finally, in the 1980's , now,
with computers/word-processors, the first volume was published in
1989. He put his contact info in the front of
the book; it was self-published. I looked up his info .... he is
still in the phone book at this address.

Charles F Rydholm

221 Lakewood Ln

Marquette, MI 49855-9508

(906) 249-3814

Here is an open letter he wrote on a current U.P. topic

Download a PDF copy of this letter: A Sulfide Mine on the Yellowdog

Here is where some of his books are available online.

Click here:

Here is a Yahoo forum about mining:

Click here: upminingyes : 21st Century Mining In Da U.P.

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madcobug said...

Great picture of your daughter. I liked that snowman in his easy chair. Helen

Ad5k said...

I enjoy all the pictures. Makes me homesick for nortern Wisconsin. Been in Oklahoma the last 27 years and we seldom get snow.