Friday, January 16, 2009




It's really cold ... been cold ... it's supposed to warm up into the 20's this weekend???? There's a Winterfest over at Iron River on Saturday' a featured event is a sled race. THE SLEDS ARE TO BE MADE OF CARDBOARD! Knowing the mind-set of YOOPERS, it will definately be an interesting event. If I weren't so lazy ... I'd dream up a chile recipe to enter in the Chili Cook-Off. I just haven't been inspired to come up with a unique recipe.

The log trucks are still running steady; the loggers, their trucks & equipment are extra hardy ... even in all this sub-zero weather

L o i S

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madcobug said...

It is really cold up your way. It got down to 13ยบ here this morning and will get down to around 18 tonight. It hasn't got above 31 today. This is the south you know. Let winter begone. Come on spring. Helen