Saturday, December 06, 2008


THE NEW BLOG-HOMES THAT I AM TRYING. I like to do an entry over
the course of several days, using elements from past entries ... making
up an htm version to just copy when I am ready to post. Each new
blog site treats these differently ... as to font size, photos,
spacing. I HATE IT!
Blogspot seems to have improved a lot ... I have been able to add a lot
of junk in the other column that makes it unnecessary to put some stuff
into each individual entry.


Lois in Wonderland(the U.P.) AT BLOGSPOT

I made a trip down to civilization ... down to Green Bay for a visit to a
dental clinic. Here, in the U.P. it is rather a "survival-of-the-fitest". I usta live near Green Bay; most of my kids still do. So, I got a little visiting in, too. I
returned home with a new lower denture; now will get used to eating in
a normal way.

Mimi's boyfriend ... he's so handsome
... and comes to visit her. Hopefully, this week will pass ... he won't show up until next "time".

TIME TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF LUTEFISK .. I'll make a special entry on just LUTEFISK soon.

Lutefisk is dried cod that has been soaked in a lye solution to rehydrate
it. It is boiled or baked and served with butter and salt and pepper. The
finished lutefisk usually has the consistancy of Jello. So, imagine a hot, fish
flavored Jello and you can understand why Norwegians love it so much. It is
traditionly served in the U.S. for Thanksgiving and Christmas and avoided the
rest of the year.

Here's a poem that I wrote many years ago ... I trot it out at this time every year:

Freezing ColdWinter Now!

by Lois Haglund


Like Quick-silver, the icy breeze
thru the trees and across the creek......
Now, stopping for a brief
with a finger or a cheek.....

Now, flittering out in profuse ripples
to chill one's deepest soul.....
Summer's tattered shawl... blown away... as
Winter blusters in to assume his role....

Wait ! The word hangs frozen... suspended.....
Wait ! I'm not ready... not Now, Oh No !
Not Ready, to face the interminable days of siege

With a merciless foe outside my window

Yes! It's Time, for the quicksilver blade of a breeze
To now be an awesome, deadly blow.... I Know... and remember\

Why I fear and I dread,
I Must... I Can... I Know!


See ... I REALLY am a BLOGGER!

I am going to concoct a "Letter-to-the-Editor" ... About anti-anti-logging. Locally, I saw a bumper-sticker that I just love: "IF YOU ARE
AGAINST LOGGERS ... TRY USING PLASTIC TOILET PAPER". In Crystal Falls, every day, every hour ... there are log trucks ... empty &
loaded. This means that the truckers are working, where they buy
fuel benefits, where they get truck repair or parts are
benefiting. This means that loggers are working & where they
also where they buy fuel benefits, where they get truck repair or parts
are benefiting. The loggers buy chain saws, etc. benefits.
The truckers, loggers, & the local businesses where they
spend money ... are more viable & these people in turn can spend
more money locally. We have so few ways to earn money in the U.P.
... it is great that we can count on logging. CUT A TREE ... SAVE

hate this verdict. He's found that he gets ignored if he files a
complaint; what he & his friends did was stupid, but sorta
necessary to retrieve his own possessions from a greedy dealer.
At the most ... he should have gotten a year in prison. This case
was just so overblown.

Click here:Ghost Towns of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from the copper mining of the 1800s

Truck Driver 2



madcobug said...

I see your deer are back and I see there is a lot of snow already. Poor dog needs to go on home to a warm spot if he has one. They look so cute eying one another through the door. I don't think there will ever be another place as easily to motivate around in as AOL journals were or maybe it's because we just got used to it. I hope you get used to your new dentures soon and enjoy them. I like your poem. Have a nice day.
Hugs, Helen

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