Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks to all for your kind words; I was just so bummed out at losing
all my webpages & four years of AOL Journal entries. I even
had a long phone call from another "Yooper-in-Exile".

Okay ... so "pull up my Big-Girl panties & get back to
blogging ... I'm still not sure which blog location to use. It
will depend upon how easy it is to compose the sort of entries that I
had been making.
This will be just a simple entry to see how easy it is to post it to the different blog places. So far, on this entry ... I'm having a problem putting the pictures where I want them.

I have a few other blog locations that I am trying:

I was advised to check out
WordPress. com … that looks good, too.

Crystal Falls: we had a dusting of snow:

First Lutheran

Looking down the main street



Putting cans into the recycle machine is a family affair. You should see the little kids earning a little cash by picking up cans to cash in!

And, aren't we glad that the election ads are over!

Going back home ...

these neighbors have turkeys visiting

Time for supper!

L o i S


madcobug said...

Just be sure to let us know where you are going. There have been rumors that AOL is going to close down which I have been expecting. I already have my email addresses printed but of course if it closes most of my addresses will not be any good. I have already sent all my favorites to another server on our cable but have not got them installed yet. My other email choice is Helen

salemslot9 said...

those kitties are adorable
are they all yours?