Saturday, July 02, 2011


      Memorial Day, I went to Republic.  There are 3 Haglund graves there, plus 2 little Olson girls I've "adopted".  They died in 1902, several days apart.   I put flowers on all.  When I get ahead, I want to buy a grave there for me.

Uncle Axel Laxo, who died last fall.

Grama's home near down town

I had a crush on Jimmy Olander who lived here.

This was an opperating hotel; I stayed here with my first husband;
It was on the "main highway" then.

This house ... in the "New Location" ... is now a museum

      I also went to Durfee's... who now own the Haglund home (I lived there in the 40's).  The house was moved to the "new location", when they reopened the mine.  They did such a nice job of keeping the home pretty much the same, while making it really beautiful.

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Happy 4th of July Lois. Helen