Sunday, November 14, 2010


  Look here ...
it's almost Winter

This was our first snow ... quite late for us!

 The deer hunters are hoping for tracking snow for the start of gun deer hunting season on Monday.

They haven't called out that Finnlander :
"Heiki Lunta " yet to do his Snow Dance yet.

Winter Now!

by Lois Haglund


Like Quick-silver, the icy breeze slips

thru the trees and across the creek……

Now, stopping for a brief encounter

with a finger or a cheek…..

Now, flittering out in profuse ripples

to chill one’s deepest soul…..

Summer’s tattered shawl… blown away… as

Winter blusters in to assume his role….

Wait ! The word hangs frozen… suspended…..

Wait ! I’m not ready… not Now, Oh No !

Not Ready, to face the interminable days of siege

With a merciless foe outside my window !

Yes! It’s Time, for the quicksilver blade of a breeze

To now be an awesome, deadly blow….

I Know… and remember Why I fear and I dread,

I Must… I Can… I Know!



madcobug said...

Looks like winter is knocking at your door. Cute cartoon. Stay warm.

Wil said...

Here at the lake in Maine, the cove froze over in the 20° temps with no wind last night. It won't last, though, as the forecast is for 40's and rain most of the rest of the week. Interminable, muddy, miserable mess is what will pass for late Fall here, I guess. Unlike you, but like the soul of your poem, I am NOT ready and may just die if it gets too cold too soon. There are no provisions for the homeless in the boonies. And my sojourn for the past three years in the southlands left me ill-prepared for dealing with Winter in all its festering glory. And so it goes. Stay warm and safe and enjoy the snow falling.