Saturday, July 03, 2010


HEY ... IT'S SUMMER !!!!

It doesn't seem possible that we are thru June ... now into July We finally caught up on rain ... it had been so dry that there weren't any burning permits issued.

I really went somewhere & did something ... I went to Crystal Falls to attend the outdoor music presentation at the "Board-walk" along the Paint River at the foot of the hill.

 I enjoyed the musical "SOUTH PACIFIC" by the local theater group at the Crystal theater. The casting was so perfect, there were some outstanding singers ... costumes & dancing was great.

 Mimi & I saw the antique car show in Iron River at the fair grounds.

Wow! ... I am really out of shape ... had to go back to the car for my walking stick. Thank Heavens I now have a handicap sticker so I got a really close parking place. I had the wrong setting on my camera, so all those car pix were blurry.


madcobug said...

Sounds like a good time day. Happy 4th to you. Helen

Sue said...

Happy 4th to you too. Love the pictures.

Wil said...

I see that June has done it's usual disappearing act. I'm busy hauling FEMA trailers to Texas in the heat and haven't a clue as to anything -- if I'm not working, I'm sleeping or doing chores. We'll finish up next week and then to Maine, where I hope their summer highs will be a welcome relief from this 100° stuff. Enjoy July in the North Country.