Sunday, June 14, 2009

June is cool!

COOL ... really cool ... like the coldest June so far ... on record! The local kids were supposed to begin swim lessons last week; they were posponed!

I went over to Escanaba in May ... where we lived in the 1950's. Our big barn has been torn down, & the towering elm tree is gone ... but, it looks pretty much the same.
(COOL ...Except for in my old refrigerator ... which died) Here's my "new" one.

I went up to Houghton/Hancock recently for an OPEN MRI for my back.
On the way, near Baraga ... here is a statue of Father Baraga ... high on a bluff overlooking the Keweenau Bay.



Dr.John said...

I always liked that statue.
At my old homes all the barns but one and the sauna are gone.

Sue said...

I can see Bishop Baraga from my kitchen window. I guess I should say that I can see the shine of Bishop Baraga, just the top of his head.

madcobug said...

Your place still looks good. Our June was a really hot one, the temps climbing up close to 100ยบ. It has cooled down to the lower nineties this week and this morning was great at 63. Helen

Sue said...

This isn't the coolest summer on record, it's a reasonable spring. This is the summer that never was! It doesn't look like August will be any better.