Monday, April 06, 2009

Is It Really Spring?

ALMOST SPRING ... most of the snow is gone, but, it's still chilly.

.. WELL ... maybe I'm over my "pout" ... none of the four new blog spots are as easy & satisfactory as my deceased AOL journal ... damn them. Losing four years of illustrated diary entries is a great loss. It is also a loss that AOL also discontinued the free webpages; I lost all my links there. Of the four new spots ... BLOGspot is somewhat the choice.

L o i S


madcobug said...

Nothing was more simpler than AOL journals. I miss them. Everything is flowered out even the trees have new leaves and what happens? It's supposed to go around 27ยบ tonight and below freezing again tomorrow night.
Great pictures. Hugs, Helen

Wil said...

There's a grieving process and it takes time. While AOL Journals were simple, they were pretty limited, too, particularly when I left. Blogger/BlogSpot simply has had a much longer time to evolve and a far cleverer crew doing most of the innovating. Google may own them, but they were and are run as an independent subsidiary thereof.

My wife and I are hankering to get back north but there's still snow on the ground - another month before we head out. Hope the new Spring is all you hope for.

Dr.John said...

I liked your pictures of the deer. I don't love trucks that much. I've been with blogger right along and I'm fairly happy.

Sue said...

It's Easter morning and I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Easter. It's a beautiful day to live in the UP. Sue